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Kashmir Sandal Fragrance Incense Sticks


Choose Imperial Kashmir Sandalwood Incense Sticks to help you unwind and create a truely delightful aroma in your home.__The Imperial incense stick range are hand rolled onto bamboo sticks and they are dired naturally by the rays of the sun. The Imperial incense stick range uses essential oils and natural resins that are used to create truely beautiful fragrances of the highest quality.__Using your Imperial Incense Sticks could not be easier, just light the end until it glows. Then blow out the flame and place in an incense holder and enjoy the wonderful aromas given off. Aargee has a wide range of incense stick holders available.__Sandalwood is one of the most useful ingredients for making incense and is often used as a base for many products. The Sandalwood fragrance is good for unwinding with its uplifting and inspiring aroma.__Imperial Incense Sticks_Bamboo sticks_Halmaddi binding resin_Natural herbs and essential oils_Each pack contains 10 Incense Sticks_Recyclable packaging_Appro

400 g